Thursday, August 7, 2014

Makeup 101

So this is it. I lost my makeup virginity.

I've never been a big makeup person. In fact, other than some of my friends have held me down and attempted to 'make me look pretty' for a party before, I've never really worn it. Maybe I've never worn it because the few times I have, I've forgotten to take it off or stabbed myself in the eye.

Which is probably why my mother was incredibly shocked when I placed powder, mascara, brushes and foundation into my cart. Granted, I probably got the wrong shade or thing, but I did the best I could do with zero expirence.

What I got and why:
BB Cream: Due to the fact that I'm new to makeup, I didn't want a thick foundation my first go
Big Eyes Mascara: I really liked how the mascara had a brush for bottom and top lashes
Baby Lips//Coral Crave: I LOVE menthol and I wanted just subtle color+Baby Lips are amazing
Healthy Skin Powder: I heard I needed to put this over concealer and foundation?+it was the perfect shade
Makeup Remover Towelettes: These are the holy grail of makeup remover and I HAD to get my own pack
Generic Brushes//pack of 4: I didn't want to purchase the $30+ single brushes when I knew nothing about them, so I simply picked up the generic drugstore brushes, but I hope to add better ones later

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

**Makeup all came from Target, so it's drugstore makeup. The mascara, BB Cream, and Baby Lips are Maybelline. The Makeup Remover Towelettes and Healthy Skin powder are Neutrogena**

xxYours Truly, EB

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  1. Ah! Bet you look even more beautiful than before!