Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kate Spade Bag Review

Today was the day that I added my dream purse to my closet.
Going into Kate Spade is a fairly frequent part of going to the mall for me. The sales ladies are lovely, the BAGS ARE TO DIE FOR, and I just feel comfortable and dreamy in there. I've been saving for awhile for this bag, or really, any bag, in the Kate Spade store. 

So when I was looking around and spotted this baby, and spotted the sale tag, it truly was my lucky day! Although this was on sale due to the color, and it's practically a fashion no no to carry a white bag during the winter, I still have 4 more months, then only a 2 month break from my babe.

Being me, I asked for one of the boxes, because they are gorgeous, and I thought it would help for storage.

 Opening the box when I got home was like Christmas. The wrapping paper was gorgeous, as well as the box.

I also love how even the dust bag is adorable, with the words, "she tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party" written in gold. 

The front of the bag has the signature little spade as well as the name of the company. I love the gold against the white especially.

The bag includes a matching strap, which is amazing, because one of my obsessions is cross body bags due to the way it's OUT of the way. 
However, the inside of the bag is one of my favorites. There are little gold circles all inside of it. And the zipper for the baby pocket matches the one of the top of the bag. 
On top of my amazing bag, the lovely sales women gave me two postcards in honor of my first Kate bag. Needless to say, I'm already saving up for another reason to go back!

What was your first 'big girl' bag? 

Yours Truly, EB

Mall Crawl #1

I haven't gone shopping all summer, which is probably why I purchased these treats for myself today. Although I only went to three stores, I definitely got what I needed and more...
The three shops I went to were Altar'd State, LUSH, and Kate Spade.
LUSH was the first stop, and it was amazing. I smelled amazing for at least 2 hours after.

What I got and why:
⊗Big Shampoo: Has sea salt, is great for flat and fine hair
⊗Hair Doctor Hair Mask: Helps dry scalp and helps growth
⊗Teaser Veganese Conditioner: Helps with fine hair and volume (which I need help with both)
⊗Space Girl: I just liked the sparkles and it gives me an excuse to take a bath, not a shower!

Then I headed over to Altar'd State for the first time, and I'm so glad I did! I fell in love the second I walked into the door, and I adored the religious aspect on it. I'll definitely be stopping by again before school. 

What I got and why:
Blue, Pink, and White Chevron Dress: I found this adorable dress and I love it so much! Baby doll dresses are my favorite thing
Cross Necklace: There were many cross items there, but this one stood out to me due to the simpleness of it
God sign: I just loved this quote, which will be put onto my wall very soon. 

And finally, the best part of my purchase...MY KATE SPADE BAG!

I've been saving for this bag (frankly, any bag from Kate), so when I went into the store and saw this beauty of a bag on the sale rack, I pounced. I've had my mom hold some money for me for awhile now, so I wouldn't spend it on something stupid. See more in depth with my Kate Spade Bag Review that's posted!

Best. Mall. Crawl. Ever.

What's your favorite store?

Yours Truly, EB

Kate Spade Bag: cedar street maise in cream 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Makeup 101

So this is it. I lost my makeup virginity.

I've never been a big makeup person. In fact, other than some of my friends have held me down and attempted to 'make me look pretty' for a party before, I've never really worn it. Maybe I've never worn it because the few times I have, I've forgotten to take it off or stabbed myself in the eye.

Which is probably why my mother was incredibly shocked when I placed powder, mascara, brushes and foundation into my cart. Granted, I probably got the wrong shade or thing, but I did the best I could do with zero expirence.

What I got and why:
BB Cream: Due to the fact that I'm new to makeup, I didn't want a thick foundation my first go
Big Eyes Mascara: I really liked how the mascara had a brush for bottom and top lashes
Baby Lips//Coral Crave: I LOVE menthol and I wanted just subtle color+Baby Lips are amazing
Healthy Skin Powder: I heard I needed to put this over concealer and foundation?+it was the perfect shade
Makeup Remover Towelettes: These are the holy grail of makeup remover and I HAD to get my own pack
Generic Brushes//pack of 4: I didn't want to purchase the $30+ single brushes when I knew nothing about them, so I simply picked up the generic drugstore brushes, but I hope to add better ones later

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

**Makeup all came from Target, so it's drugstore makeup. The mascara, BB Cream, and Baby Lips are Maybelline. The Makeup Remover Towelettes and Healthy Skin powder are Neutrogena**

xxYours Truly, EB

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

OOTD: Platinum Baby

As August begins and the summer is coming to a close, I personally try to squeeze in as many hours of fun as I can. Usually, the hours are spent with some of my closest friends, doing random things. On this particular night, my friends and I are heading to the AMAZING Mellow Mushroom; a pizza joint. Although it's fairly casual, I choose to always live by the lovely words of Lilly Pulitzer; "Life's a party, so dress like it!" I try to live by this quote everyday, and let it show through my fashion.

So tonight, I decided to slide into my platinum Jacks and a flowy salmon Liza Byrd dress, with my blue Longchamp on my arm.

Now let me just say, that Jack Rogers have been my obsession since a young age, and the newest addition to my closet are these babies. They go with everything, and once you stretch them a bit, they become the most comfortable shoe ever. Despite the rain, I decided to rough it out anyway, in the name of fashion, and tried to avoid puddles.                                                   

This picture shows 2/3 parts of my outfit, however, this isn't my picture. (My camera is being weird)(Credit to Tumblr user I stole this from) The bag has been in my room for about 2 years, but I'm just now getting into carrying bags. (Possibly I'll do a "What's in my bag?" post later on). The blue bag seemed a big off against my salmon dress, however, the platinum Jacks perfectly complimented the little gold beads on the bust of my dress. (Hopefully I will later add a picture when my camera cooperates!)

Overall I would give my outfit a stamp of success (personally), as well as the food.

xxYours Truly, EB

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