Wednesday, August 6, 2014

OOTD: Platinum Baby

As August begins and the summer is coming to a close, I personally try to squeeze in as many hours of fun as I can. Usually, the hours are spent with some of my closest friends, doing random things. On this particular night, my friends and I are heading to the AMAZING Mellow Mushroom; a pizza joint. Although it's fairly casual, I choose to always live by the lovely words of Lilly Pulitzer; "Life's a party, so dress like it!" I try to live by this quote everyday, and let it show through my fashion.

So tonight, I decided to slide into my platinum Jacks and a flowy salmon Liza Byrd dress, with my blue Longchamp on my arm.

Now let me just say, that Jack Rogers have been my obsession since a young age, and the newest addition to my closet are these babies. They go with everything, and once you stretch them a bit, they become the most comfortable shoe ever. Despite the rain, I decided to rough it out anyway, in the name of fashion, and tried to avoid puddles.                                                   

This picture shows 2/3 parts of my outfit, however, this isn't my picture. (My camera is being weird)(Credit to Tumblr user I stole this from) The bag has been in my room for about 2 years, but I'm just now getting into carrying bags. (Possibly I'll do a "What's in my bag?" post later on). The blue bag seemed a big off against my salmon dress, however, the platinum Jacks perfectly complimented the little gold beads on the bust of my dress. (Hopefully I will later add a picture when my camera cooperates!)

Overall I would give my outfit a stamp of success (personally), as well as the food.

xxYours Truly, EB

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